Joanne Bland

civil and human rights activist

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Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, and all other occasions.

During her lifetime she has been a witness and participant in some of our nation’s most consequential civil rights battles. She began her civil rights activism in the early 60s. In the front lines of the struggle, the young Bland marched on "Bloody Sunday" and "Turn

Around Tuesday," and the first leg of the successful March from Selma to Montgomery. By the time she was 11 years old Bland had been arrested documented 13 times. Ms. Bland’s early involvement in the struggle against “Jim Crow”, American apartheid, has been the foundation for her civil and human rights work throughout her life.


A much sought after speaker with a compelling personal story of civil rights activism, Ms. Bland has presented at conferences and workshops from the Smithsonian in Washington,

DC to the states Maine, Wisconsin, Vermont, Minnesota, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Washington, Oregon and, of course, throughout Alabama. Currently, Mrs. Bland is owner and operator of Journeys For The Soul, a touring agency that specializes in Civil Rights tours with a major focus on Selma, Alabama.

Perkins is an experienced speaker. He makes your event theme, relevant to the audience. Perkins’ life experiences have been everything, except traditional. Perkins’ rose from Deep South Jim Crow oppression to become the first African American Mayor of

historic Selma, Alabama and President of the national organization of African American mayors. Perkins draws words from his experiences as a faith-walker, husband and father, elected official, entrepreneur and CEO, educator, and community leader/activist. His life is a testimony that taps your every emotion. You feel happy and you feel angry. You feel joy and you feel sorrow. You laugh and you cry. When selecting your speaker, experience matters!


The Message By Perkins takes the ‘ups and downs’ of his life, translates them into your theme, and delivers to your audience a clear and relevant message. Perkins thematic speaking style seamlessly integrates your theme into his experiences. Your audience will remember The Message By Perkins.

Lynda Lowery is remembered as the youngest activist in the historic 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. Nicknamed "Gofer," Lowery, who was the youngest of the group, she was tasked not only with fetching sodas and snacks, but was also responsible for calling the parents of those teenagers who were jailed for their involvement in non-violence movements. In 1963, her role as "Gofer" changed to that of civil rights activist at the age of 13 after she heard Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in town about the civil rights movement. For the next two years, Lowery was trained and taught the ideologies of the civil rights movement. Between January 1 and March 7, 1965, Lowery was jailed a total of nine times.